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Pumping Equipment

We have a range of pumping equipment and services for the

Domestic • Leisure • Rural and Lifestyle • Farm and Industrial • Commercial • Sports and Recreation fields • Irrigation and Horticulture sectors.

Pump Sales 

We sell a wide range of water pumps, swimming pool pumps, filters and associated equipment to meet your requirements.


We are a Davey Water Products Dealer and we also sell other leading brands of pumps and equipment such as Onga, Davies, Pentair and Lowara.

Design and selection

One of the most critical elements of any pump system, is that the pump and equipment is correctly sized for the application. Choosing the appropriate pump for an application depends on several factors

» for what purpose will the pump be used

» where is the water source - stream, creek, well, above or below ground storage tanks

» where will the pump be located in relation to the water source

» what distance will the pump need to pump the water - long runs of piping or elevation need to be considered in the pump selection

We will visit onsite to consult and design the application and selection of pumping equipment to ensure the most efficient result is achieved.

We also design and install water reticulation systems including installing pipework, pumps, water tanks, pump sheds, control systems and filters.


All product supplied can be installed by our experienced service technicians using proven methods of installation.








Our commitment to you

Locally owned and operated
Qualified service technicians
Knowledgeable and trustworthy
Professional, prompt service
After hours service


All pumps and pumping equipment supplied can be fully serviced and maintained by our experienced technicians.

Pump Sheds and Covers

Keeping your pump protected from the elements is important. We can supply and install pump covers to protect your equipment. We also undertake new pump sheds builds or will relocate your pump shed if required.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange an on site inspection and quotation please contact us on 0800 786 344 or via the online enquiry form.